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Amanda & Joachim


I made a special video introduction just for you guys. I talk 

about my approach to weddings while I show you more of my work.

It's short and I hope you enjoy! 

(Please play this video first)

I am there to make YOUR most memorable day - unforgettable!

When I was at the Hearst Castle last year and I saw the gorgeous afternoon light hit that hill and the magnificent nature views I thought of all the possibilities for a wedding couple to have the most amazing photos ever! So shooting there will be a dream!


I also observed the special bond between you Amanda and your mom as well as the connection between Joachim and his brother. Those are the kind of stories I love to highlight within the splendor of a wedding!

That's is what makes a wedding more special than any other day -

it's the epiphany of human joy, happiness,

and love in one single day!

Below is a small portfolio of the 600+ weddings I have photographed over the last 17 years in different parts of the world. Click on image to see a larger version.

Thank you again!

Amanda & Joachim


Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions, would like to see more work or meet in person. I would love that!


Jean-Pierre Uys

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